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We're Back in Action!!
Today Marks an important day in Computer Sales/Service History GIGATECH IS HERE!!!
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We Are Hiring Employees, so send your resume to

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Description of Products/Services

Below are the methods for contacting us about products and services.



Custom Built Computers/Parts

To request one of our pre-built custom machines, download the pre-built custom machines spreadsheet below. To mix and match parts from various pre-built machines, downlod the pre-built custom machine spreadsheet, choose your parts, then download the custom request form and fill in the blanks with your preference of parts. Save the file and email it to us, and we will email you back with a price quote.

Download Pre-Built Custom Machines Specs Specs List.

Download Custom Request Form.

Note: you must have excel to download these files. You can download a free excel viewer at:

Microsoft Download Center


PC Repair/Maintenance

Send us an email describing your problem and we will email you back with a price quote.


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